Is Reality TV a problem?

We all love to watch a bit of trash and drama time to time. From Big Brother to Love and Hip-Hop, we get to take a look into the lives of those with either a lack of talent or a way to showcase their talent in a current but less classy way.

Shows such as Big Brother and Love and Hip-hop can create successful careers either long-term or short. Both K. Michelle and Omarion have used LHH to move forward with their careers, however, the majority of those who are involved with reality TV come across as ignorant, petty and talentless money fiends.

Not all reality TV programmes are awful and a lot do show an insight into a celebrities professional and personal life as a way to promote their projects. But the ones which have longevity are the ones which focus on scandal and ignorance. In a recent interview, Azealia Banks highlights and criticises rapper T.I. about his reality show T.I. and Tiny: Family Hustle. 

Banks highlighted that within the show, sound effects are used to convey that T.I’s wife Tiny struggles to read and effectively uses her lack of intelligence as comedic material. Banks then continues to insult T.I. for selling out his integrity for money. I haven’t watched an episode of T.I. and Tiny, however, the interviewers did not correct or defend T.I. so I can only take her word for it.

Banks also discussed the current Bill Cosby situation, but you do have to think why aren’t shows such as the Cosby Show that popular today, but reality TV is so for front in our TV schedules? She was directing her opinion to black American culture, however, the strength of black American culture does have a major effect and wide-spread on the world.

The power of money does look to be continuing to control what we see on TV and the internet. There are great shows such as Black – Ish, however, is it/will it be internationally? The show gets almost triple the amount of viewers as LHH, but how many more of these programmes will be created?

Hopefully Black – Ish does create a new wave of positive shows which convey strong ethnic majority/minority family and life ethics and we see a decrease in the trashy reality TV programmes. But we as people can only better our situations through making a step and attempting to break barriers. If we continue to put these people on pedestals for hardly doing anything positive, then why would they stop?

This Azealia Banks interview is one of the realist I’ve seen from someone from hip-hop in a while. I’m not her biggest fan but you have to respect that she’s not afraid to open her heart and share her opinion.


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