Boondocks Season 4- The disappointment


A few months before the launch of season four of the Boondocks, I wrote a piece pleading and hoping that season 4 of the Boondocks would not be a cruel ending to such a successful animated series. After 10 episodes, several references to pop culture and a poor execution of bringing back the character of Stinkmeaner, season four of the Boondocks failed to replicate any success or humour like the previous three seasons before it.

Like  a wounded woman staying with a guy who is beneath her, I stayed with the series until the bitter end hoping it would get better, praying it would change for better, but ultimately regretting giving my time.

When Aaron McGruder stepped away from the production of season four the worst was feared for the series. It was like taking the apple out of the apple pie, all you’re left with is pastry and no content. With no McGruder there effectively was no Huey Freeman. 

*SPOILER ALERT* the majority of the season revolves around the money trouble of Robert/Granddad Freeman and a lot of episodes essentially are a ploy for him to resolve his money troubles. If the episodes weren’t about Granddad’s money trouble, they were most likely about his life. Although his character has been a lynchpin to the success of the Boondocks, it was over played in season four.

Boondocks season 4- Breaking bad

With 8 out of the 10 episodes motivated by Granddad Freeman’s struggles, there was not much focus on either Riley or Huey. The first episode “Pretty Boy Flizzy”, was a rehash of  “Tom, Sarah, Usher” from season 2 and the final episode “The New Black”, was a poor repeat of  “The S-Word” episode which also featured in season 2. Some people will feel that season four was a success because the amount of views attracted, but it was a very poor creative attempt. Yes, everyone involved with season four had their backs against the wall when the heart of the Boondocks is no longer there, however, why was it so bad? How many times did viewers actually laugh? At times I knew I only chuckled once or twice during some episodes, some I didn’t laugh at all.

What disappointed me the most was the lack of thought and continuous drive of using Granddad Freeman as the main source of a narrative. If neither Huey or Riley could not be brought to life without McGruder then maybe season four should have stayed as a dream rather than a bitter disappointment. But surely the new writers were paid enough to not just copy story lines and change them right? “I Dream of Siri” seemed like the negative side of the coin to “Lovely Brown” or just a modern version of “Attack of the Killer Kung-Fu Wolf Bitch”.

One lesson learned from this is, be careful for what you wish for. I wanted season four to happen… should have just been satisfied with the first three seasons.


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