Pharrell V.S. Channel 4

pharrell_620 In a recent interview with Channel 4, Pharrell Williams was criticised for his involvement with the controversial 2013 summer hit “Blurred Lines”. Williams was interviewed by Channel 4’s Krishnan Guru-Murthy.

Quite recently most of Pharrell’s interviews have been around his album G I RL which is an homage to women. Guru attacked Pharrell over the blurred lines of the lyrics “I know you want it” and it having the connotation of sexual imposition on women from men.

From the interview, Pharrell sounded tired of the usual criticism of the song and the music video which accompanied the hit. He answered in sarcasm and facts which in some what trolled Krishnan who questioned Pharrell about the song being sexual. The agenda of the interview seemed that Pharrell is being criticised for using a song to describe sex. When Pharrell asked if Krishnan was ever sexual towards his own other half, he seemed embarrassed and did not want to talk about it. Fair enough everyone is right to criticise if they choose, but surely there are 1000 songs which are played on the radio which deliver the same sexual tone.

Watch the video and see what happened.


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