REVIEW: Janelle Monae Concert


After last night I don’t believe Janelle Monae is of this earth! Easily one of the best concerts I have attended, great set design, concept, beautiful voice and great dancing by Monae and crowd surfing from Cindi Mayweather (her alter-ego). From the school of Lauryn Hill, Outkast and Erykah Badu, Janelle Monae put on a brilliant show at the Brixton o2 Academy.

If you’re a Janelle Monae fan and you missed the concert, then that’s a huge shame! The Electric Lady set off Brixton last night with a fantastic concert. A cross between the swinging 60’s and a psychiatric home, the theme of the concert matched the energy and unique quality of last night.


The concert was sold out full of excited fans who didn’t think there were enough of us in the UK to bring Janelle here for a concert. Beautiful, sensational and innovative are some of the words which can describe Miss Monae and her concert.

Performing tracks from her albums Electric Lady and The ArchAndroid, crowd surfing and staging a pillow fight, easily you can see that Janelle not only loves music but loves her fans. Personally, I’ve never seen or heard of an artist to do this, but Monae hushed the crowd and got them to sit down and then crawled into the audience and sat amongst her fans.



Her intimate nature, fun-loving attitude and great natural talent made me think that Janelle may actually be an android. Her tempo throughout stayed on 100%, even when she slowed it down to sing “Prime Time”, she danced with high energy (before she looked me in the eyes and sang to me, true story). She refused to go off and went over her time and said they’re going to cut off her mic if they want her to come off the stage.

Janelle showed everyone her great performance skills as she danced like she was at carnival and sang with great grace and clarity. With a set list including features from Prince, Erykah Badu and Solange Knowles, you wouldn’t be shocked if their verses were skipped, but the way she performed the full songs by herself you wouldn’t know that they featured on the album.

Such is the talent of the woman, she is actually an electric lady with a great musical mind. Visually the stage was fantastic and the performance of Janelle and her band was tremendous.


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