Lil Wayne Signs Openly Gay Rapper?


We’ve had an openly gay basketball player, retired football come out and say he’s gay and now Lil Wayne has reportedly signed openly gay rapper Fly Young Red to his record label Cash Money.

Fly Young Red, has found fame through his track Throw That Boy Pussy. The song has attracted more than 600,000 views on YouTube and has reportedly been the catalyst for Lil Wayne signing the rapper to Cash Money records.

“Good music is good music,” Lil Wayne is quoted on 24 hour hip-hop saying:“Gay, straight, black, white, blue or purple. Good music is just good music. Have you ever been in the club when that joint came on? Niggas go crazy when that drop. I had to make him YMCMB (Young Money Cash Money Billionaires).”

Aaron McGruder made this prediction in the Boondocks a few years ago and now his prediction is coming true. Lil Wayne himself has been pictured kissing Birdman so there is little shock that Lil Wayne has signed Fly Young Red. The next question is, is hip-hop ready for the first openly gay major rapper? Jadakiss and Styles P said in a recent Breakfast Club interview that hip-hop aren’t far away from having the first openly gay rapper, and other rappers have supported this statement and also said that hip-hop isn’t homophobic, it’s a competition and there isn’t space for emotions.

Fly Young Red has come and said that he is making music for gay hip-hop lovers, is it finally time for hip-hop to open up to the gay community via the lyrics? It’s 2014 and equality is more apparent than ever, hip-hop has always been seen as a homophobic genre because of the lyrics and the iconography. Now with Fly Young Red, the assumed gay rappers may come out. Rappers are now wearing dresses, have questionable album titles and some do look like females.

Fly Young Red: Throw That Boy Pussy


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