Boondocks Don’t Let US Down

Boondocks season 4

April 21st 2014. The date season four of the Boondocks will air on Adult Swim and bring us that closure all Boondocks fans have been waiting form, since August 2010 when the last episode aired. That’s just under four long years of waiting! We’ve had to deal with rumours, cast members saying there will be a season four and even an attempt at a live action Uncle Ruckus film. So many trust issues have developed, I Boondocks fans were one more rumour away from listening to Drake and looking out the window asking why?

Now, the day has finally come. But what if, season four is a disappointment? Now don’t send this blogger hate mail but it is a awful possibility which we pray does not happen. There wasn’t much to go off from the season four teaser, however, there is a strong chance that there will be a return of Stinkmeaner.

A four-year wait, will the quality still be there? For a satirical purposes there are a large number of topics for the show to adapt into animation comedy gold. Hopefully the writers have added a new dimension to the Boondocks. A lot of long-standing TV programmes do better in the fourth season and hopefully Boondocks follows this mantra. Huey Freeman can only be seen as a social terrorist for so long right? Granddad Freeman will surely be addicted to watching some young girl twerk for some change surely? And will Riley Freeman finally find fame through rapping, it worked for Chief Keef.

All we can hope for is that season four is full of belly laughs and Catcher Freeman is Django. April 21st 2014 will be a highly anticipated day for Boondocks fans and hopefully season four is another classic.

Check the trailer for season four of the Boondocks:


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