Pharrell Criticised For The Album Cover, Why?


An album which is about happiness, love and women, some of the best things in life has caused controversy. Why you ask? Because of a multi racial album cover.

What’s bad about the album cover? It has no black women… literally that’s the complaint. It’s 2014 and Pharrell Williams is being criticised for not having a black female on his album cover.

As a black male I just checked my skin I was not offended, I did not notice that Pharrell had left out women, I just saw: women, Pharrell and a title which said G I R L. THEN ALL OF A SUDDEN controversy strikes because apparently he doesn’t like black women because he doesn’t represent black women. The black man who is married to a black woman and has a black woman who run his company.

In the UK this is seen as silly. I’ve discussed this issue with my friends (black males) who mentioned Love and Hip-Hop, Being Mary Jane and Scandal. LAHH is pure ratchet entertainment, while the other two are great drama pieces. Yet, all three degrade black women (to a degree). Olivia Pope from Scandal and Mary Jane Paul from Being Mary Jane are glorified side chicks. But are championed because of their careers and independence.While the females in LAHH run wild, fight, cuss, hate etc and there is no uproar? Just “When is the next season” or “so and so is a bad bitch”. Do you see life?

Pharrell has created a fantastic album and is being criticised because of the lack of some girls on his album cover. If you’re actually offended then ask yourself, why are you complaining? He’s appreciating women, does the race matter? If you’re actually racial offended then you are adding to the problem. A black man, who has a black wife, his business is run by a black woman and he loves women, but feels heat because there isn’t a chocolate babe on the cover.

Ironically the light skin woman at the back is black but hey, such is life.

Here’s a snippet of a phone interview with Pharrell Williams and the Breakfast Club about the album cover.


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