Kanye West- 10 Years A New Slave


It’s been 10 years since one of the greatest hip-hop albums was released! The great College Dropout created by the self-proclaimed genius Kanye West. Kanye is a musical genius and has created his own lane since CD dropped in 2004.

L.A. based DJ SmithAgentSmith fantastically mixed an hour long mix of Kanye classics (both live performances and studio recording) and snippets from different interviews called 10 Years A New Slave. If you’re a Kanye West fan you’ll enjoy the mix and if you’re not, sit back, relax and listen to the musical genius which is Kanye West.

From Smith’s Soundcloud:

Dear Kanye: Thank You … (and youre f**king welcome, this took me almost two months!)

Full VIDEO: www.youtube.com/watch?v=xusmryA1MC8

With the 10th anniversary of Kanye West’s debut album The College Dropout, this hour long collection of many (but not all) of his best works gives insight into what he has done in the last ten years. Filled with liveshows, interviews, and rare footage, this video takes away the media headlines and misinformation, and replaces it with Kanye’s own words as he intends for them to be given.

All of the Lights
Cant Tell Me Nothin
All Falls Down (ft John Legend)
Rihanna – Diamonds (remix)
Diamonds from Sierra Leone
Two Words
Get Em High
Good Life
Flashing Lights
Gold Digger
Touch The Sky
Heard Em Say
Jesus Walks
HAM + Forever
Gotta Have It
New Slaves
NERD – Everyone Nose (remix)
Black Skinhead
Dark Fantasy
Pharrell (ft Kanye West) – Number One
Lost in the World
Love Lockdown
Hey Mama
Through the Wire

Enjoy y’all!


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