Fredi Kruga On The Bang Talk Show


Award winning director and screenplay writer Fredi Kruga visits The BANG Talk Show this week to discuss his latest film, Some Things.

Known for his captivating and thought provoking films centralising on the Afro-Caribbean and Asian communities, Fredi brings us the creative and social obstacles of this gritty film telling the harrowing story of a 15 year old girl suffering from child abuse.


Based on real events, The BANG Talk Show team will delve into the sensitive research that went into creating the film, and find out the importance of discussing, portraying and tackling these key issues in our own societies.

Nwaka says “Child sex abuse appears to be a topic that has been swept under the rug for way too long.  We just don’t talk about in our community and in many cases aren’t allowed to talk about, yet we all know it happens.  I wrote this film for the victims who don’t have a voice”.

Fredi Kruga and his associates will also be discussing with The BANG Talk Show team, how he is bringing the film to the screens at BAFTA on February 1st 2014, along with other production If Only, a short film looking at gang crime in London in a special screening.


Don’t miss this very special show on Saturday 25th January during the BANG Talk Show!

Written by Parris OH- Co Host on the Bang Talk Show!


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