Yeezus Goes Platinum, Really?


Yeezus, the Marmite album. Some loved it, some hated it. Some called it a classic, others called it garbage. No matter if you called it garbage or a classic it has cemented it’s place in music history by going platinum. The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) has officially certified Kanye West‘sYeezus as a platinum album. The album which came out in June has shipped a million copies, however, hasn’t technically sold a million copies, but this is enough to earn the rapper his 7th platinum album giving him a perfect score of 7/7 platinum albums.

Being a Kanye West fan I am happy that his work has been recognised and loved globally and he has 7 platinum albums, however, I am shocked that Yeezus did this, but I am not at the same time. The man has inspired a religion called “Yeezianity” and has a huge number of stans willing to go H.A.M. on your social network pages in his defence. I often find myself defending Ye because I do believe in what he wants to do, however, I am not that far gone to realise some of his creations are wack or I do not agree with.

Congratulations to @kanyewest on his 7th @RIAA #Platinum album award for ‘Yeezus” – he’s 7 for 7! W @DefJamRecords

Personally I think Yeezus at best is a 6/10, I had to force myself to like the album by constantly playing the album and watching interviews about the creation of Yeezus. Being a Kanye West fan, I did force myself to like his album (I maybe a bit of fan boy) and I do not think it is garbage, however, this is the only Kanye solo album I do not have a copy of which does say a lot.

An album going platinum or not does not always equal the quality of the album. For example, Magna Carta Holy Grail, went double platinum (triple if you include the Samsung downloads) but in my opinion is not a strong lyrical album, but the production is fantastic. Yeezus is similar, the production is great, however, lyrically it is below par. I am shocked that a million copies have been shipped out to be sold because I did not realise a million people would want to buy “frustration”, especially 7 months after the album was released.

But lets not knock the hustle, congratulations to Kanye on this achievement. I hope album number 8 is better than Yeezus and finally wins that grammy he’s been chasing (the one against the white person).



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