You Don’t Have To Twerk To Earn Money


When you think about Juicy J, you think of trash/club hip-hop where girls are twerking, liquor is pouring and everyone is acting ign’ant. But he’s taken this image of himself and has done something very positive.

Many may remember Juicy’s $50,000 twerk scholarship competition. Many people thought he was trying to change the life of someone who loves to twerk, which was followed by a number of girls sending in videos to his camp twerking in an attempt to win that $50,000 scholarship.

Well J was looking to change someone’s life, however, not because they were twerking. The winner Zaire Holmes read the rules and realised to win, she did not have to twerk to win.

Rappers don’t usually get praise for making a positive change to the community. Juicy J has used his mind to make others use theirs. Having so much wealth from rapping about twerking, he has given money to someone less fortunate to start their life. Juicy J needs to be saluted for this.

Juciy J with competition winner:


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