January Transfer To Help The Title Charge?


With the Premier League season at it’s half way point, Arsenal sit at the top of the table with a slender one point lead over Manchester City. City are the favourites to win the league, but can the leaders change this during the January Transfer window? Although the summer signings of Ozil and Flamini have added great steel and creativity to the side, is there something missing from this current Arsenal squad to bring the league title to the Emirates?

The Arsenal midfield may only be bettered by City, but have a great amount of quality in the middle, however, do lack the same on the wing. Although Ozil, Carzola and Wilshere have had great success wide for Arsenal, they do not stretch a back four in a way Walcott or Podolski can. With Oxlade-Chamberlain to come back from injury there will be added width to Arsenal midfield but another Winger would help the selection. A player such as Shaqiri from Bayern would be a fantastic addition to the side, although he is young, his experience in the Bundesliga and talent would be a great addition to the Arsenal side.

The biggest shortfall is up top for Arsenal. Although Giroud has done a great job for Arsenal this season, he is not the perfect striker and may not be the typical  title winning striker. The only problem with the January transfer window is, who is available? There has been speculation of the availability of Falcao with talk of the Monaco forward being unhappy because of taxing rules in France etc. But how much would he cost? How much will he ask for? If Arsenal can afford him, then the gunners would be getting one of the best finishers in the world!

What about Jackson Martinez? Porto have crashed out of the Champions League, he’s a goal scorer and probably a cheaper option than Falcao. He won’t be cheap, however, he is a more likely option than Athletico’s Costa, because of their position in the league and chemistry of the Athletico team.

The reinvention of Bendtner has been a great addition to the spirit of the squad and the fans. You wouldn’t think you’d hear the day when Arsenal fans want to see Bendtner play. He’s not playing for a contract at Arsenal but wants to impress other clubs to show his value. If he can help bring Arsenal the title then no one will be complaining.If Arsenal cannot bring in any new players then the fans can only pray there are no major injuries. But to reassure the title challenge, an additional player would help the charge. But there shouldn’t be much concern, Arsenal made a number of changes for the Fa Cup tie with Spurs and were in complete control of the game which resulted in a 2-0 win for the mighty red and white.theo_2781427b

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