Justin Bieber To Retire?


As soon as I started to like this guy he goes and says he’s going to retire. Mr Music Monday himself Justin Bieber has come out and announced that he will retire after his next album.

But is this believable? In an interview on Power 106 LA, when asked about the title of his next album, Bieber announced that he would be retiring after the project. Since the interview a lot of his fans (the “Belibers”) were quick to say that this was said in jest. Being only 19 and on top of the world you have to question whether he is being serious or not. And if he is, why is he retiring so early?

Over the last year, the Canadian born Bieber has been in the news for the good and the bad. Fights with the press, sleeping with Brazilian’s (and getting caught) and vandalism. Looking at how the press treat celebrities it does look frustrating, look at the way Kanye always reacts. If Bieber is going to retire after his next album you could only assume that he is tired of the music industry and the baggage it comes with.

This is most likely a PR stunt, similar to Jay Z and his retirement claims. Bieber has started to pick up more fans following the success of his Music Mondays which adds to his abundance of die-hard fans.

What ever the outcome, a lot of people will be looking forward to Complete My Music Journals which is out on 23/12/2013.

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