The Jekyll and Hyde Of Kanye West

Kanye West Breakfast club

One of the most anticipated interviews of the year! Kanye West met The Breakfast Club for an unforgettable interview. Many were shocked because Kanye was famously known for not doing press, Charlamagne Tha God has gone out to criticise Yeezus and calls Kanye, “Kanye Kardashian” basically seeing West as some sort of punk b*tch.

This interview was then followed by an interview with Sway. 

Kanye has been doing an abundance of interviews of late and there hasn’t been a huge difference in them, but this one was special because of how The Breakfast Club ask direct questions to test Kanye. Whereas the interview with Sway was less direct, however, Kanye reacted with a great deal of frustration

Kanye pretty much ignored Charlamagne when he said “Yeezus was garbage” and looked like he was either high or trying to control himself. In direct contrast, the interview with Sway he does lose control and puts this down to having a familiarity with Sway and he knows that the presenter will understand.

Not being pigeonholed as just a recording artist or only allowed to design some fashion lines seemed to bother Ye. When asked about his future ventures he did go on to say he wanted to create art outside of music. But when asked why he couldn’t he go solo, it did come across that he does need the experience therefore, needing a big name to support any fashion line he wants to create. He feels that Nike and other corporations have tried to hold him back because he feels the impact of his designs can supersede other products.

Watch the interview below where he goes on to say: He lacks charm-like JayZ, about the satire of Bound 2, how he wants to revolutionise through business, the making of Yeezus and much more


Breakfast Club Interview:

Kanye West meets Sway:


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