Bound 2 Disappointment

bound 2 video

Disappointment is what I felt when I watched the “Bound 2” video released by Kanye West. Kanye premiered the video on “The Ellen Show” because he said he thought the YouTube player is “ugly”. Ok so you’d think that the video would be beautiful, innovative and back Kanye’s claims that he is a musical genius etc.

When you watch the video you see trash. It looks cheap, it doesn’t make sense and he’s having sex with Kim Kardashian on a random motorbike. Where are they going on that motorbike? Why are they having sex on the motorbike? Am I missing the art form of having sex on a motorbike?

Being a Kanye West fan you sometimes have to ignore his crazy antics and remember he’s a musical genius. You have to remember he wants to be more than a musician and wants to make art. This video has artistic imagery of nature, horses and a naked Kim Kardashian, but they make no sense put together. Then you have the random shots of Kanye against the naturalistic background and then riding on this coitus hosting bike.

“Bound 2” has been my favourite song in 2013, as soon as I heard it I was like “YES!” And then I see the video. Nick Knight (director of the video)… you b******.

Watch the video, if you think that the video is good and please explain why because I am lost.


He premiered his new music video right on Ellen\’s show. Here it is, exclusively on!

via Kanye West’s New Video: ‘Bound 2’.


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  1. Yeah you’re right, it was a bit disappointing! Kim looked fine as hell tho lol

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