S.A.S Stopped, Title Charge Continues


All the talk before the game was about the defeats to Borussia Dortmund and Chelsea and the duo of Suarez and Sturridge. Would Arsenal struggle? How would they cope? Is their title challenge about to end?

To say Arsenal fans were not nervous would be a lie. After lacklustre defeats to Dortmund and Chelsea, another home defeat would be detrimental. But that was not the case on Saturday night. Quality, steel and drive are the words best way to describe Arsenal’s performance against Liverpool. The 2-0 win was well deserved as Arsenal out played Liverpool and found the correct balance of having a solid defensive structure complemented by a great offensive line.

The performance was the perfect reply to the criticisms surrounding Arsenal’s recent results. It was also the perfect way to get ready for Dortmund and Manchester United. Half way through the difficult period, the Arsenal squad have put themselves in pole position in the table and could have control of their Champions League group come Thursday morning.

It is only November so a five point lead does not mean much with 28 games left to play, but it is a nice gap to build on. With Dortmund and United around the corner you can tell the team are confident in their own ability and do not fear many other teams.

Suarez and Sturridge are arguably one of the best strike partnerships in Europe, so stopping these two would be a great confidence builder especially with the big bad Lewandoski and the combination of Van Persie and Rooney around the corner.

Five point gap at top with a heavy week coming up! Let’s get this title charge into full effect!


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  1. I think it’s amazing how ineffective we made the ‘SAS’ look, hopefully we can make a serious title challenge! Nice post

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