What’s The Problem At The Emirates?


Three defeats this season and they have all come at the Emirates Stadium. In all three performances Arsenal have looked static, lethargic and lacked offensive threat.

Last night against Chelsea was the worst out of the three. Many watching wouldn’t say Arsenal were that bad but Chelsea were in control of the game. Not a lot of work to be done by either keeper but Chelsea were clinical enough to win 2-0, whereas Arsenal struggled to create chances.

Yes it was a Carling Cup match and if we had to sacrifice one cup then this would be the one. But we’ve been waiting eight years for a trophy and beggars cannot be choosers.

Eight changes made from the weekend and on paper you would think that team had enough to break down Chelsea. Jose Mourinho plays the manager, and knew how Arsene Wenger would set up the team, no matter who was on the team sheet. Knowing this, the first goal was always the most important in this game. Chelsea got it and you could sense the game was done. Arsenal are predictable, especially when they go a goal behind and Jose isn’t afraid to park that blue bus to get the win.

This is a similar problem Arsenal had against Dortmund and will against other big teams who come to the Emirates this season. Saturday is a huge game against Liverpool and S.A.S (Suarez and Sturridge) and losing three home games in a row rings alarm bells. In the last decade Arsenal have had a very good record against Liverpool and will need this to continue to regain form and mental strength. With Liverpool playing two up top, this may suit the Arsenal game plan and could end this bad run at the Emirates.


Something needs to change at home, the team look more comfortable away from home and this has been the case since the start of 2013. For now we look to Saturday and by 8pm on Saturday we hope to still be on top of the table.


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