Charlamagne: Stop Using The N-Word

Vlad-TV-Charlamagne-Tha-God-600x342 (1)

“My n**ga, my n**ga, my n**ga, my n**ga.”

In a recent interview with Vlad TV, radio and TV personality Charlamagne tha God gave his opinion on the use of the N-word.

Like many people he does say and agree that using the word is wrong, but what he did go on to say that the word is empowered by black people.

He felt that it is hypocritical that black people use the word and then feel offended if someone from another race used the word.

“It can’t be good when I do it but bad when you do it.”

Charlamagne went on to say civil rights heroes Martin Luther King and Malcolm X would be shocked and disgraced by the black race using the word. He went on to say that they would not surprised by recent racial comments from Paula Deen and other high-profile white personalities because that was something which has not changed.

I agree with Charlamagne’s comments to a certain extent. The word is wrong and if black people keep using the word, then it will never go away. The N-word has been turned into almost a colloquial term. Yes it still has the hate behind it, however, because of the excessive use of the word it has been watered down.

Charlamagne did go on to say that people outside the black ethnicity are n**gas because of their lifestyle. For example Honey Boo Boo for how she and her family are depicted on TV and Kim Kardashian from going from being married to a basketball player to being a baby mother and now engaged to a rapper. He described Kim as the “n**ga girl dream”.

His view on the evolution of n**ga will basically mean it is a synonym for ratchet; it could be an accurate prediction.

We as people can only stop prejudice, if we don’t take a stand then there will not be a change.


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