YEEZUS, Has He Cracked Or Cracked The Code?


Yeezus Tour has kicked off and Kanye West put on a visionary experience.

From the videos of Rich Mane Productions we can tell that Kanye has put on show with great visuals, unforgettable images and those silly mask he wears.

It seems that Kanye has gone for a religious concept to match that of the album Yeezus. From these videos, as a visual concept the Yeezus Tour may be better than The Watch The Throne Tour, however, I still do not think Kanye will be able to out do himself with the Yeezus Tour as a whole experience.


From the picture above, it does seem Kanye had some sort of wardrobe malfunction. If he didn’t wear those “artistic” mask maybe he could have selected the right size to wear.

Judging from these videos, it does look like Ye was going more for the visuals rather than performing to his best ability.

Kanye even bought a man dressed as Jesus out! Did he go too far with this stunt? Or is art limitless? Is impersonating Jesus an art form?

A more accurate judgement can be made from seeing the tour live so hopefully he does bring the Yeezus Tour to the UK.

From these videos I do not think he cracked the code of Watch The Throne, but I do admire the layout and image of Jesus.

Hopefully he brings this tour to the UK and the Jesus walk shuffle is perfected by then.


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