Chris Brown Should Have Never Touched Pandora’s Box

Chris Brown

“I never stuck my cock in the fox’s, but damned if I ain’t open Pandora’s Box”

Since the break with Rihanna, Chris Brown has not been the same. From controversial incidents such as physically abusing her and getting in altercations with Drake and Frank Ocean *hold for laughter* and questionable tattoos, Chris Brown has not been able to recover his public image since his break up with Rihanna.

Recently he recorded a track with DJ Khaled and his lyrics did seem to convey shots at Rihanna.

“Every ni**a in the industry done f**ked my b**ch/ And all my ni**as said I told ya/ Now all these rap ni**as wanna be political/ Nah, f*ck that I’m a real lyrical/killer.”

Those lyrics do suggest that he is talking about Rihanna especially after her twitter beef with Teyana TaylorTeyana also made reference to Rihanna’s body count, similar to Chris Brown’s lyrics.

Check the song and make up your own mind:


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