“Nothing been the same since they dropped Control”

You’d think after “Control” Kendrick Lamar would not be able to throw more shade at the Hip-Hop game, but last night at the BET Hip-Hop Awards 2013 he did it again on the TDE Cypher.

“I’m the master who masturbated on your favourite MC, until the industry wanted me assassinated”.

Is just one of the lines he used to describe his reign over the other rappers in the game right now!

A few weeks ago, the teaser for the cypher was released and there was speculation whether the cypher was a diss at Drake or Papoose. From this cypher you can see that Kendrick is going for EVERYONE!

We should have known it would have been special when there was a hashtag in the screen saying #KendricksVerse

I guess control was the warm up and the cypher is the Kendrick storm.

Will this spark a response? Was he right to be so aggressive towards other rappers?

Click and Watch: BET Hip-Hop Awards 2013: TDE Cypher:


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