REVIEW: Magna Carta Tour


“It ain’t hard to tell, I’m the new Jean Michel”

October 14th was the final London date of Jay-Z’s Magna Carta Tour. Kicking off his 1 hour and half set with “You Don’t Know” Hova finished the London dates with a solid performance.

It’s unfair to measure any concert to the spectacle which was Watch The Throne Tour; the Magna Carta Tour was solid, and was full of classics and hits off Magna Carta Holy Grail. Jay came out with a huge amount of energy to wake up the crowd and create that concert buzz! With no warm up acts and just a confused DJ (who played indie and country at a Hip-Hop event), there was a lack of energy before Hova came out on stage.

Visually, the stage was set beautifully. The lights, the images on the screen and the stage layout were fantastic! Jay-Z had the swagger of the “greatest rapper alive” and the charisma of man you could not disagree with.

As the night went on Jay-Z threw out classics such as “99 problems”, “Jigga What/Jigga Who?” and hits from MCHG, “Picasso”, “Tom Ford”, “f*ckwithmeyouknowigotit”. Surprisingly, Jay-Z performed verses off the Watch The Throne album. Starting with his verse on “No Church In The Wild” and bringing back memories of the WTT concert with his verse on “N*ggas In Paris” and in WTT style reloading the song from the top! Although the track wasn’t wheeled 5+ times it did go straight into “PSA” which nearly gave me a heart attack! The transition between the two… beautiful!


My only concern with Jay-Z is his age. Similar to Nas on the Life Is Good Tour, he needed to take a break and he let Timbaland have a little beat mixing session and gave Timbo time to promote his new album.

Even after he performed “Encore” he took to the crowd to give praise and created a rapport with the audience. It was a nice touch; however, I do feel that he used this time to recover. Unlike his other performances this year he didn’t forget any lyrics on stage or looked like a confused dad.

I will say though that it was a great concert, and it is hard to disagree when this man says he is the best. I’ve been privileged to see him three times in two years and he produces quality!

Pictures from @deewainJC and @ali_shilbi


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