First Draw, First Challenge


Sunday was the first game Arsenal had fallen behind and the first draw. West Brom on paper are not the most challenging or difficult side Arsenal have played this season, however, it was the first time the team had to dig deep to get a good away point.

West Brom were on a high after going to Old Trafford and putting Man United to the sword. After taking the lead West Brom could have done the same to Arsenal but missed great opportunities. An Arsenal of the past may have crumbled, but this Arsenal had something about them.

I’ll admit, on Sunday, Arsenal did not look like the team on form or a team looking to stay on top of the table. Maybe it was the lack in width or a resolute West Brom but there was something lacking from the Arsenal team. In the past when everything wasn’t going the way of the Arsenal the team would crumble and lose, but this time they earned a good point.

You couldn’t have written a better script but the man in the spotlight Jack Wilshere, to pop up and drag Arsenal out of the smoke (excuse the pun).

But this does show growth from the Arsenal squad. Although the lead at the top has disappeared, Arsenal still remain at the top. This will be a good wakeup call as well. Although Arsenal have won every game since Villa embarrassed the gunners at the Emirates, sometimes it is good to remember that not everything will be easy.

The injury list should decrease after the international break and it does give the squad more options, which should see the good run continue. As for now, smoking is bad kids.


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