The 20/20 Experience, Which Experience Is Better?


I know The 20/20 Experience Part 2 has only been out officially for a week, and it may not be an accurate comparison due to the fact that we’ve had The 20/20 Experience Part 1 for several months, seen the live performances and probably used the lyrics to pick up babes.

But what I was able to compare was how I reacted when I heard both albums. Both tell slightly different stories, Part 1 is more an expression of love and Justin Timberlake’s affection for his wife (we hope). Whereas Part 2 revolved around sex, a bit of love, heartbreak and drinking to get the pain away.

When comparing the two as separate albums I would have to go with Part 1. This isn’t based off because I have had more time with Part 1, but based on my reaction after a week’s listen. Part 1 I continued to reload from the beginning, debating which was my favourite track and just thankful JT had made a return to music.

Although I do like Part 2 it did not have them same impact. The debate for favourite track on the album is much easier than Part 1, I haven’t been reloading the album out of excitement, more of a getting to know the album and I’m glad this wasn’t the album JT returned with.

I do like both projects but I do think there was a reason why he went with the selection of Part 1 first. I feel that Part 1 is more a selection based on him being true to R’N’B and being a great singer and performer. Whereas Part 2 is a mix of sound and an experiment of production. I find both Experiences similar to his first two albums, Part 1 has hints of Justified and Part 2 seems like the continuation of Future Sex/Love Sounds. 

Out of all four of his albums Future Sex is my favourite because I think he struck the balance successfully with focusing on production and musical content. I’m not saying that Part 2 does not have strong musical content; however, it is lacking something which the other three albums have, and is not a strong follow-up to Part 1.

The collaboration with Drake and Jay-Z on “Cabaret” and “Murder” respectively, are the stand out tracks for me. I do like the majority of the album, but I do not think they would be on Part 1 because of the strength of the album.

I will leave you with a track from each album. Listen, cast your opinion and if you didn’t see him at Wireless you might as well go to the concert.


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