Kanye West: Genius or Lunatic?


“Don’t do no press but I get the most press, kid.” 

Kanye West recently sat down with Zane Lowe in a detailed interview discussing Yeezuship-hop being the new rock ‘n’ roll and ultimately, being Kanye West.

Ye discusses the development of Yeezus and the development and criticism of Kanye West, the man, the brand, the product.

Listening to this interview you can understand Kanye’s rants, fighting the paparazzi and outrageous behaviour. Mr West is trying to break boundaries through his music, innovation, personality and wanting to be seen as a global pioneer.

Kanye’s attack on corporations does seem to stem from creative restraints he does believe is created by the major corporations who want to work with him, or control him in Kanye’s view. His innovation being disregarding does fuel his rage, where he believes he is being held back by a combination of racism and classism. His break down to the reaction of “I Am A God” does speak volumes.

Is there anything wrong with saying you are a God? Are we all not an image of God (if you believe in religion)? Is West not allowed to express his true feelings because the black ethnicity is put down because of slavery?

We can only speculate, but Kanye can provide evidence to his thoughts. It isn’t just unjustified excuses; however, he does seem to be playing the victim and does go from the angry black man fighting against the conglomerates to the man fighting for those without a voice.

Kanye does seem to be very protective over his work which is admirable, but his passion does portray him as a lunatic. His thoughts on Yeezus is up for debate, although his criticism on radio is shared, Yeezus is not the easiest album to listen to.

I personally find the album a grower and a lot of the material is far better than what is played daily on the radio. Yet, “On Sight” can create a small headache, but “Bound 2” should be played more often (I personally believe it is gold). It can go two ways with this album. He does say this album is “frustration” and not everyone wants to listen to frustration on the way to work.

The way Kanye thinks and creates art is genius! I can only admire that he has the courage to be outspoken and stand for what he believes in. But, I do believe, continually playing the victim and creating isolation can be Yeezy’s downfall. He creates contradiction in his defence of “being Kanye West”. I do feel that he is an artistic genius.

He is not solely focused on music and similar to Jay-Z, he wants to be appreciated for being more than a musician. However, unlike Jay-Z he does not know how to control his image when it comes to dealing with the media which does create the perceived lunacy.

Click the link below, listen to the interview and cast your view. But for now we are all Gods and Brandy little lame and you know it now.



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  1. I think Kanye’s losing it.

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