Magic Mesut Covers The Cracks


Monday morning, praise the Lord. Arsenal are at the top of the table! It is only four games in but we should stay positive. But there is a difference between being positive and delusional.

Yesterday we did win 3-1 away to Sunderland and this is a results business, however, luck was on our side yesterday, as well as the artistry of Mesut Ozil. 

Now I do not know how Arsene Wenger pulled this off, but credit to him because Ozil was creating chances left, right and centre including the assist for the first goal and involvement with the third. He gave Walcott golden chances to score his first goal of the season, but the England winger spurned all his chances including three glorious opportunities in the first half.

In that final third as a unit, Arsenal look a much more dangerous side with the addition of Ozil (so far), however, it is early days and the true powers of Ozil can only be judged as the season goes on.

Going forward, Arsenal looked great; at the back… there is still work to be done. Statistically, in 2013 Arsenal do have one of the best defences in the league. But as an Arsenal fan when you watch this defence, you can only doubt the statistics. The Arsenal back line tend to create their own problems, make bad decisions and are forced to make a lot of late challenges to save the day.

Although we only conceded from a penalty, bad refereeing decision kept us in control of the game. Sunderland came very close to equalising and taking the lead (at 1-1); against better opposition the result may have been different. Although the numbers say we’re doing well at the back we do need to tighten up if we want to stay at the top of the table.

Right now being at the top of the table does not mean much, however, being the leaders can create a new feeling which could make Arsenal a stronger unit. But as I said in my last Arsenal related post, if we’re still in the mix in January and make the right additions, we might be smiling in May.

As for now… We have Ozil!


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