Feel Good Fridays: Aaron’s Top 5 Albums

The question “what are your top 5 albums?” always gets thrown about. Seeing it’s the end of the week I thought I might as well list my top 5 albums and why I have chosen them.

The albums have been selected on:

  • What the album means to me
  • Rating out of 10
  • My overall opinion on the album.
  • Favourite Track


Usher- Confessions


For me it’s Confessions over 8701. Some people will agree with me some will say I’m tripping.

Usher’s  Confessions was the first album I ever bought. Confessions is not in my top 5 because of the sentimental value but because I do believe he took R’N’B to a new level with this album, he took himself to a new level with this album and told a story which we were all hooked to.

From the intro to “Confessions” Usher tells us a story of his infidelity and growing as a man. Now I have no confessions  but if I had confessions to this magnitude, I would want them to be delivered in this album.

Favourite track: Superstar

Aaron’s rating: 8/10


Wu-Tang Clan: Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)


For those who love the 90’s hip-hop this album I do believe was ground breaking! 10 tracks of back to back raw hip-hop. Wu-Tang got it right with their first album and this is arguable their best album where you see the level of rap from all 9 original members.

I remember trying to listen to Wu-Tang from a young age but my uncle would deliver one shift shoryuken to protect my young ears.

Every time I hear this album and I feel that level of gas which should not be delivered on a day to day basis.

Favourite Track: Protect Ya Neck

Aaron’s rating: 8/10


Kanye West- Late Registration

Kanye West Late Registration

Maybe another controversial choice. Many say College Dropout was his best piece of work, many argue MBDTF. Graduation was my favourite because it had a collection of bangers, but then I re-listened to Late Registration and I thought, this is the music album. The orchestra, the lyrics, the collaborations, the production, the sampling!

Kanye West struck gold with this album and out of his six solo albums this has to be my favourite. Many argue that MBDTF is Ye at his artistic best, but I argue and say this is on the same level for artistic value and has stronger lyrical value.

Favourite Track: N/A I cannot choose.

Aaron’s rating: 10/10   


Lauryn Hill- The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill


The wonderful Ms Lauryn Hill. She got it right with one solo try and created a timeless classic. I do believe this album holds it weight because she has not come back with a solo album and I think the people are happy with playing this on repeat.

The outro of children on different tracks gives the album the unique story what many albums do not have and many artist do not have the technique to create this vibe.

Although it is her only album, when I saw her live it was magical.

Favourite track: Nothing Even Matters. Play it to your girl…thank me later.

Aaron’s rating: 10/10


Nas- Illmatic


The greatest hip-hop album in my eyes! “My first album had no famous guest appearances
the outcome, I’m was crowned the best lyricist.” He wasn’t lying. Illmatic was released 19 years ago and it is still being seen as the benchmark for any rapper who wants to be the best.

Illmatic has changed the way producers produced and the how rappers rap. This album is one of the reasons why I argue that Nas is the greatest rapper and I still believe this is the best hip-hop album.

Favourite track: Represent

Aaron’s rating: 10/10

Let me know what your top 5 albums are.


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