Ozil: The Pretty Big Piece Of Paper Over the Obvious Cracks


Deadline day, Arsene Wenger did something unexpected and to many of us uncharacteristic. He spent money on a player, a player who cost a large fee, a world-class player. Monsieur Wenger did something unexpected and what all Arsenal fans have been dreaming about. An intent of moving forward by acquiring Mezut Ozil. *insert Emoji Eyes*

Now I’m not saying Wenger has not been ambitious or has not spent money before, however, we have seen Arsenal lose several big name signings over the last few years, over (speculated) finer details.

Mata, Higuian, Sahin, Navas and many more have not come to Arsenal because of one reason or so. Maybe it was the ambition of the club, maybe it was the wage bracket we used to have or maybe a breakdown in club to club negotiation.

Never the less, when the idea of Ozil coming to Arsenal was on the cards the majority of fans felt the high of optimism and then the sense of De Ja Vu. That sense that we were not going to get the man and have to settle for a less dynamic and cheaper version of Ozil. This time we got the man! We got that player which will change the dynamic of our… midfield… because we lack creativity?

Now I am happy that we have signed Ozil and this is a big signing! Having the luxury of Carzola and Ozil in one squad creates some sort of football wet dream. But this is the cherry on top of a cake which needs to strengthen the weaker base.

With only three senior centre backs in the squad and one of them is injured you would think we’d sign a centre back. Up front we are light. Podolski is injured until November, Bendtner is not wanted, Sanogo… we don’t know and that leaves Giroud, by himself.

Now looking at this, you’d think Arsenal are only trying to fight on one front. This is a team who want to fight on all four fronts and have success in May. How can we do this with a light squad? Wenger has been under enormous pressure, which has been over hyped by the media scope. Buying Ozil took the pressure off his back immensely because he spent big on a world-class player.

But once we sit back and look on the deal from the outside we do have to realise this is a big pretty piece of paper over the obvious cracks. The addition of Ozil will make Arsenal more effective in the final third and in 2013 Arsenal have statistically been incredible. Now if Wenger can keep this formula until at least January then we may be able to dream about some silverware again. Wenger will have the chance to fill the cracks and the glory may return immensely.

Or Wenger can bask in the glory of his transfer for a limited time before the media heap more pressure onto his back.

I do think we are close to greatness if Jose Mourinho is reportedly afraid of Arsenal so stopped the Demba Ba move. Only time can tell, but I do believe this is a very big transfer for Arsenal and this could be the start of something great!

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