Twerk Miley Miley Twerk?


The VMA’s (Video Music Awards) normally has either a stand out performance or some sort of outburst. This year we had several! Taylor Swift who was a victim of a Kanye West outburst in 2009, decided to take a swipe at her ex Harry Styles from One Direction*stress*, Lady Gaga was greeted with a mixed reception of staged cheers and jeers and then there was the combination of Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke.

Now, each to their own but yesterday looked like a mess. Miley Cyrus’ attempt to look like a sex icon was more trashy than sexy. In the words of one of my friends the best way to describe her performance, “A for effort, D for attainment.” Being only 20 years old and still seen as jail bait in America, a lot of the male audience members looked away out of shame.

We all know about Drake’s relationship with the females and how sensitive he can be, but this would be the only time where we all felt a bit like Drake. We just wanted to put a coat around Miley and tell her “you don’t have to do this.” I do believe the best reaction which does portray the sense of shock and awkwardness was Rihanna’s. You must have reached a new low of trashy when Rihanna, the woman who has tapped her box (synonym for the lady parts) on stage looks ashamed.


I personally didn’t think her actual performance was great, she looked like an awkward flamingo at times and it got a lot more embarrassing when Robin Thicke (who is old enough to be her dad) came onto the stage and started to bus a whine with Miley. He speaks a lot about how open his wife Paula Patton is to his sexual music videos, but there is a difference with underdressed women in your video and dancing with a minor. Watch the video below and cast your opinion.


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