Arsene, Do You Know What You Are Doing?


A week in football is a long time period and a lot can change. Last week Arsene Wenger was public enemy number one at the Emirates, the odds on him being the first manager to be sacked in the premiership had become high and there were videos of fans CRYING OUT (literally) for a change. Two games later… Arsenal have scored 6 goals, won two matches and look like a solid team.

Has order been restored at the Emirates? I would say no! Although we performed a lot better there are still improvements which need to be made at the Emirates!

With a week left of the transfer window no one else has joined Arsenal, yet there has been a bid made for Newcastle’s talisman Yohan Cabye, which I do believe was to take the heat off himself and the increased speculation that Karim Benzema and Angel Di Maria are subject to a transfer merry-go-round which could see them trade sunny Madrid, a possible La Liga title and a Cup for rainy London, fight for Champions League and uncertain glory in May.  But as an Arsenal fan you learn that the papers and Arsene Wenger will sell you more dreams than facts.

These bids are all well and good, but this is not what we need!

Some things have changed since last week. Arsene Wenger has that cheeky smile of vindication on his face rather than the grimace of disappointment, the dream of Luiz “I’ll take a bite out of your defender” Suarez joining Arsenal will not happen this summer and Champions League qualification is completely in our hands.

But one thing which has not changed… the amount of money spent this summer. I would not be shocked if the return of Mathieu Flamini on a free transfer was the only signing before the North London Derby. But I do believe that we will see at least two players bought in before the end of the transfer window, we need more than two but, it’s better than nothing.

I just hope by the end of the transfer window Monsieur Wenger has that cheeky smile rather than the gloom of failure which he normally has on.

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